Art + Music = Vibrant You 

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Since 2004.

Welcome! I hope you are enjoying your visit to my website. I am currently based in Charleston South Carolina where, in 2004, I opened Low Country Studios, Ltd. Co. This is as a place where art and music interweave with inner work: And that is my mission for myself and for you. I believe that fashion, art, and music, should provide you with an authentic sense of support. You may have felt how an original painting, when added to a room, provided clearing or an uplifting vibration to the space. Or, how wearing a handcrafted piece of jewelry made you feel more grounded: And, I think most of us have experienced times when a piece of music gave us comfort or inspiration. These creations are beautiful reminders that you can live with every day to help inspire the positive changes that you are working toward.  

An old handmade jeweler's bench is my companion when I hammer and solder jewelry and small display pieces. When I write music, I begin my ideas with pencil and manuscript; And when I paint, or work on larger folk art pieces, I will often build near the ocean or on my balcony where I can enjoy the birds and small animals playing and chatting in the trees around me. Since many of my visual pieces contain found and recycled objects, along with branches, shells, or other non-living elements - working outdoors in nature enhances the energy that the completed piece will contain.

My oldest line is my "Words To Live By" line of jewelry and art. I started this custom line in the 1980s as a form of support for clients and friends who were going through life challenges. This line has become quite popular. I incorporate scripture, or passages of literature, that offer comfort or a smile - I have also added a few sayings of my own that developed throughout the years. If you, or a loved one, need a special word worked into a piece, don't hesitate to contact me so we can start the process of creating. If you are in the Charleston area you can visit me at the Charleston City Market, or find my work in Gallery Azul 113 W Erie on Folly Beach. Online you can buy my work on Etsy in the Dolly Paul, or Low Country Studios, Shops. And, you can follow my progress, upcoming art shows/festivals, and get special coupon codes on Facebook at: Dolly Paul Designs or Low Country Studios.